34th PCHRD Anniversary

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Doctors cite use of social media in teaching and l...
26 Apr 2016 03:02 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

PASAY CITY, Metro Manila- During the workshop on Education of the 2nd Philippine Healthcare & Social Media Summit on 21 April 2016 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), speakers who were doctors themselves cited the use of social media in teaching and learning. According to  [ ... ]

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Salamat Dok’s Willie Ong shares tips on effective...
25 Apr 2016 06:19 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

PASAY CITY, Metro Manila- Dr. Willie Ong, a resident doctor of ABS-CBN’s Salamat Dok and a columnist of the Philippine Star, delivered the keynote address for the Healthcare Social Media Summit 2016 co-organized by the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) and the #HealthX [ ... ]

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PCHRD, DOH and SMART award #ThinkOpenHealth winner...
25 Apr 2016 05:28 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

MAKATI CITY, Metro Manila- The Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD), the Department of Health (DOH), and the SMART Communications, Inc. awarded three winners for the #ThinkOpenHealth Hackathon event on 16-17 April 2016 at the Asian Institute Management (AIM) Conference Cent [ ... ]

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DOST holds 1st Technology Transfer Day, showcases ...
18 Apr 2016 02:53 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) will hold the first “Technology Transfer Day:Promoting Research and Outstanding Milestones in Innovation and Science for Entrepreneurship” on 27 April 2016 to highlight the journey of the Department and its partners in revolutionizing Filipino scie [ ... ]

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DOST Region III Forum features PCHRD-supported RxB...
15 Apr 2016 05:35 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga- The RxBox, a Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD)-supported technology, was featured during the “RDC-SCED Forum on DOST Technologies” organized by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Region III on 12 April 2016 at NEDA III Conference  [ ... ]

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ASEAN-NDI, WHO TDR host expert consultation on hea...
14 Apr 2016 01:08 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

MAKATI CITY, Manila- The ASEAN Network for Drugs, Diagnostics, Vaccines and Traditional Medicines Innovation (ASEAN-NDI) and the World Health Organization Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (WHO TDR) hosted the “Expert Panel Consultation on Health and Environment” o [ ... ]

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Library Health News

Breakthrough drug that cured Jimmy Carter of cance...
03 May 2016 01:01 - Ching M. Alano

On August 3, 2015, former US President Jimmy Carter, peanut farmer from Georgia, rabid social activist, and Nobel Peace Prize awardee, was wheeled in for surgery to remove a small mass from his liver. [ ... ]

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Aging can lead to malnutrition
03 May 2016 00:55 - Julie Cabatit-Alegre

MANILA, Philippines – Malnutrition can be found not only among patients in hospitals but also even in our homes,” Dr. Marianna Ramona C. Sy-Quia Sioson, Section of Nutrition head, Department of In [ ... ]

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Ouch! i have gout
03 May 2016 00:49 - Cheshire Que

What you can do to lower your uric acid levels and prevent painful attacks
  It comes without warning, usually at night when you are supposed to be sleeping soundly. You feel excruciating pai [ ... ]

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Sweet express
03 May 2016 00:44 - Sara Grace C. Fojas

Out of the nearly 100 million people in the Philippines, more than four million have diabetes. Although this disease is not as critical as cardiovascular diseases, it is the eighth leading cause of de [ ... ]

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What you should look for in labels
03 May 2016 00:37 - Cory Quirino

YOUR health and well-being matter. The interest and attention you give them will significantly contribute to a stronger you. Here are straightforward answers to your questions. Why am I so exhausted [ ... ]

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Hear this out: learn about Chondrodermatitis Nod...
03 May 2016 00:24 - Dr. Kaycee Reyes

The ear is an important part of the body that we often neglect to protect, like forgetting to apply sunblock on the sides and backs of the ears, missing cleaning and caring for them properly and cor [ ... ]

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