Call for Applications: BRIDGE Fellowship Program

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
BRIDGE Fellowship Program
FY2018 Application Guidelines

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) provides opportunities for overseas researchers who have conducted research activities under JSPS International Fellowships for Research in Japan or other JSPS programs to re-visit Japan to create, sustain and/ or strengthen research collaborations with Japanese colleagues. The objective is to build strong networks among researchers in Japan and other countries through a variety of activities. These include former JSPS fellows visiting their past host institutions in Japan, or coming to Japan to plan or implement joint research projects and seminars, to offer training or lectures for young researchers, or to prepare or attend scientific conferences and research meetings. Researchers invited to Japan under this fellowship program are called “BRIDGE Fellows.” Based on applications by individual researchers, candidates are recommended to JSPS’s Head Office by JSPS alumni associations and JSPS overseas offices or the JSPS-designated official in the Japanese Embassy for countries without a JSPS overseas office. Hereinafter a JSPS overseas office or a JSPS-designated official in a Japanese Embassy will be commonly referred to as a “JSPS office,” and the alumni association and JSPS office as “alumni association/ JSPS office.”

Applicable Fields

All fields of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences are included under this

BRIDGE Fellow Eligibility

To be eligible, a researcher must meet both of the following requirements.

(1) Be a researcher who has experienced research in Japan under a JSPS program and who is currently a regular member of an officially recognized JSPS alumni association
(2) Agreement by host researcher to all seven items of support in Form B (Agreement by Host Researcher)

* Upon receiving a recommendation from an alumni association/ JSPS office, JSPS contacts the proposed host researcher in Japan. If a proposed host says that he/she cannot provide the support stipulated in Form B or cannot host the fellow, JSPS will not be able to accept the recommendation. Therefore, candidates should communicate fully with their proposed hosts before applying.
* Researchers who have already been supported under the BRIDGE Fellowship Program within the last 5 years (FY2013-FY2017) are ineligible for this award.
* Each alumni association/ JSPS office has its own screening criteria as “PROVISION b) Screening Criteria”. Applicants should check before applying.

Applicants should contact the place designated by their alumni association/ JSPS office. They should not submit documents directly to JSPS’s Head Office. Only documents forwarded to JSPS’s Head Office by alumni association/ JSPS office will be processed.

Deadline of application is on Jan. 30, 2018.

Click the link to access BRIDGE Guidelines FY 2018 and List of Forms

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