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Philippine Health Research Registry launched for transparency in health research and clinical trials

Ms. Merlita M. Opeña, Chief of RICUD presents the Philippine Health Research Registry


"PCHRD's development of a registry to track health researches and clinical trials in the country is a step in the right direction. This program is commendable in light of the limitations that hamper the Philippine health system," lauded Vice-President Jejomar C. Binay, Sr. in his keynote speech, delivered by former Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Esperanza I. Cabral during the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development's 30th anniversary celebration last March 16.

The Philippine Health Research Registry (PHRR) is a tool for good governance to promote transparency and accountability in health research.

PHRR is a publicly accessible database on health researches and clinical trials being conducted in the country. It differs from the HERDIN databases since data entries will be prospective and will be inputted and updated by the researchers themselves. The latter is a searchable bibliographic database of Philippine health information and resources.

According to Ms. Merlita M. Opeña, Chief of the Research Information, Communication and Utilization Division of PCHRD, the registry uses an open source platform, and the initial content of the registry will come from the PCHRD and PNHRS-funded researches.

"We will be publishing guide for researchers and institutions to ensure compliance. In August this year, we'd like to launch the full version. Right now, we need your feedback on how we can improve and populate the registry," said Ms. Opeña.