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Project Leader: Mr. Noel Gary E. Del Castillo

The Problem

The sudden onslaught of the COVID pandemic crippled the majority of operations in the Philippines and the world. This highlighted the major flaws in the healthcare sector of our country, such as the overburdening of the healthcare workforce, the lack of beds sufficient to take in patients and the overall lack of an effective referral system that deprives the patient of the ability to clearly navigate the health system, from selecting the suitable healthcare professional to receiving advice on necessary medical tests or treatments and referral back for further care. The Philippines Health System Review – WHO, 2018. Furthermore, the spread of the virus hindered the mobility of patients who needed to visit medical facilities for check-ups and follow-ups, resulting in a significant gap in Filipinos’ access to basic medical care throughout the pandemic. Telemedicine has emerged as a solution that transcends these logistical challenges, bringing healthcare to the patient at the comfort of their own homes, and making it more accessible even to commonly marginalized sectors in rural areas.

Despite the growing trend in use of telemedicine, there still remains a general unfamiliarity in its utilization in the country. Medical facilities were slow to adapt due to numerous reasons: lack of technical ability to operate a telemedicine platform, lack of internal regulations and policies guiding doctors and healthcare staff, and absence of metrics measuring the telemedicine in their businesses, among others.

The Solution

SeeYouDoc Corporation, an eHealth startup company in the Philippines founded in 2018, developed the SeeYouDoc Healthcare Ecosystem, a suite of powerful solutions and analytics for healthcare provider networks, community clinics, hospitals and healthcare-focused organizations. Its features include: (a) mobile and web application solutions for patients and doctors to conduct video teleconsultations; (b) an appointment system integrated with a calendar for doctors and clinics; (c) the sending of medical notes and patient records to doctors, patients, and vice versa; and (d) an online payment system.

Funded and supported under DOST-PCHRD’s Startup Research Grant Program, SeeYouDoc Corp. improved their platform by developing the SeeYouDoc Analytics, which seeks to assist medical institutions and partners in managing their telemedicine platform. This platform offers (a) a dashboard page where users can see the overall performance of their organization’s operations at a glance; (b) an appointment heat map where medical organizations can identify which hours and days of the week their virtual facility is serving the most appointments; (c) a doctor and patients demographics page; (d) a ratings and complaints page where patient feedbacks can be monitored; and (e) a revenue page where patients’ mode of payment can be determined.

Presently, the SeeYouDoc platform is home to over 1,100 independent medical practitioners, 700 virtual clinics, 49 extensive medical fields, 32,400 patients, 35 partner institutions, and 12 partners in the public and government sectors. The Department of Health, Asian Institute of Management, and PLDT Enterprise are among its partners in this initiative.

Product Development Stage

SeeYouDoc Analytics is currently at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9, which translates to commercial availability of the product. The Company is currently looking for medical facilities that may use the SeeYouDoc Analytics for operationalization of their telemedicine services. The web-based and app-based platform is now accessible for download by customers interested in availing of the SeeYouDoc’s comprehensive healthcare services.

SeeYouDoc has been recognized as one of the top 101 Startup Companies in Southeast Asia in terms of Innovation, Growth, Management, and Social Impact.

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