Vaccine clinical trials, a type of clinical research study, are medical studies that involve people. This is a process of evaluating the safety, immunogenicity, and protective efficacy in humans of a novel vaccine candidate before it can be licensed for use.

Clinical trials are carefully designed, reviewed, and completed, and need to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they can start. People who meet the inclusion criteria can take part in clinical trials.

Vaccine development is a lengthy and a rigorous process.

Before a vaccine candidate is even tested among people, it has to pass the preclinical stage of development first where it is tested on animals to see if it will cause an immune response.

PH Response

The clinical development is divided into three phases:

For phase 1, the vaccine is tested in small groups of people to assess its safety. The coverage is expanded in Phase 2 to assess the efficacy, right dosage, and ensure that the desired effects are achieved. Phase 3 covers a larger group of people to confirm its efficacy and safety when compared to other treatments.

This whole process usually takes years to complete.

In the Philippines, our clinical trials are categorized into two:

WHO Solidarity Vaccine Trial, as approved by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases Resolutions (IATF) Resolution No. 47, as part of our country’s commitment to make the COVID-19 vaccine available in the soonest time possible for the Filipino people.

  1. The Solidarity Vaccine Trial is a global action led by WHO to:
  • to evaluate vaccine candidates as quickly as possible (identify vaccine candidates and their progress)
  • to define the desired characteristics of safe and effective vaccines to combat the pandemic, and
  • to coordinate the clinical trials across the world giving the best chance of safe and effective vaccines for all

Independent Trials, where other vaccine developers can conduct independent clinical trials in the Philippines provided that they will be able to fund their own trials and have their application registered and approved by the FDA.

The Task Group on Vaccine Evaluation and Selection (TG VES), composed of the Department of Science and Technology, Department of Health, Food and Drug Administration, Research Institute for Tropical Medicine , Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Trade and Industry – Board of Investments and the National Development COmpany, oversees the applications for the conduct of clinical trials in the country, and evaluate the results of these trials. The TG VES provides recommendations on which vaccines will be considered for negotiation and procurement by evaluating: safety, efficacy and other relevant data from clinical trials, existing evidence and updates on vaccine development, and international recommendations on vaccine use.

Why should the Philippines participate in the ongoing clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines?

Considering the current limitations of our country in terms of vaccine development, participation in clinical trials of the most advanced candidates developed by international partners will be the best short-term strategy for us. Participation in these clinical trials will secure a shorter and easier route in registration with the Philippine Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

By pursuing collaborations and by participating in clinical trials, we are hoping to:

  • To provide efficacy and safety data for a vaccine that is directly attributed to the Filipino population
  • To generate necessary long-term data on safety and efficacy of vaccines, which is also necessary for CPR application even for vaccine candidates with an EUA
  • There are still a lot of unknowns about COVID-19 especially on whether this will be like flu in the long run which will need follow-up yearly vaccinations.
  • With new COVID-19  variants being identified, tweaking of vaccine candidates or their dosing schedule  may also be needed to improve their efficacy and clinical studies are needed to confirm this.

Basics on CT

Why do we need to participate in CT?

    Giving your “Yes” is crucial in our rapid search for COVID-19 vaccine. The information generated from your participation is valuable in order for the research to move forward. Successful or not the information is helpful in showing what didn’t work and pushing research in a different direction.


    When you participate in the trial, you are helping our country to have access to potential vaccine candidates.


    By joining the trial, we help in the rapid worldwide search for COVID-19 vaccine. You are becoming part of the solution to end the pandemic.

Risks and Benefits


What benefits will we get from participating in vaccine clinical trials?


Clinical trials are important  for discovering new treatments for diseases, as well as new ways to detect, diagnose, and reduce the chance of developing the disease. They also show researchers what does and doesn’t work in humans that cannot be learned in the laboratory or in animals.

Here are the benefits that we can get from participating in vaccine clinical trials:

  • We may get a new vaccine for a disease before it is available to everyone.
  • We will have the chance to help others get a better vaccine for existing health problems in the country.
  • Volunteers of clinical trials are vital to the process of improving medical care. Many people volunteer because they want to help others.


What are the risks to consider?


Clinical trials are ongoing research, which means that we are not sure of the outcomes and that they may come with risks:

  • Clinical trials are experimental, so there is always a possibility that the vaccine may not work.
  • There is a possibility that the new vaccine may cause some side effects and in extreme cases, adverse effects.
  • You may NOT be part of the treatment group that gets the new treatment. Inste
CT vs. EUA vs. CPR

Emergency Use Authorization is not the same with an approval for product registration. 

Clinical Trial Emergency Use Authorization Product Registration
New vaccine is being tested on people to assess if it is safe and efficacious. In this stage, vaccine candidates are tested for their safety and efficacy. Further, clinical trials are NOT vaccination programs. Unapproved vaccine is authorized for limited use as it is deemed safe and efficacious based on review of interim data of Phase III clinical trials. New and approved vaccine is proven safe and efficacious based on review of complete data from Phase III clinical trials and can therefore be purchased and used for vaccination programs.

Frequently Asked Questions - Safety and Efficacy of Vaccine in CT

1. How safe are the vaccines?

All Vaccines undergo clinical trials before they are introduced. Under the Bayanihan Act II, we have allowed the entry of vaccines which have undergone Clinical Trial Phase III (normally up to Clinical Trial Phase IV). In the published results of clinical trials conducted for COVID-19 vaccines, a lower risk of symptomatic COVID-19 was observed with vaccination compared to placebo and the incidence of serious adverse events was low.

An example is the most recently approved vaccine for emergency use authorization (EUA) by the US FDA, the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer and Moderna) which was characterised by short term, mild-to-moderate pain at the injection site, fatigue, and headache. However, there were reported deaths but none of these was considered by the investigators to be related to the vaccine or placebo, and no COVID-19 associated deaths were observed.

2. What will be our basis for selecting the vaccines?

Vaccines shortlisted for evaluation were scored and weighted following the WHO Criteria for COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization and WHO Target Product Profiles for COVID-19 Vaccines with additional criteria and  considerations suited for local needs.

The following are the criteria that were used by the Task Group:

1.Potential Efficacy and Safety based on Published Phase III Interim Result and/or with  EUA
2.Technology Platform  (Reliability  and Stability Related to Storage Requirement)
3.Safety based on Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials
4.Immunogenicity  (Potential efficacy based on Phase II CT )
5.Vaccine Implementation (i.e Dosing Schedule)
6.Track record of company in developing and/or manufacturing other vaccines

3. How will the volunteers be monitored? How long will they be monitored?

For the WHO Solidarity Vaccine Trials, part of the protocol of the trial is the monitoring of the volunteers itself. All activities will be undertaken by clinical experts from various institutions and team of trialists with Good Clinical Practice (GCP)  training. Active surveillance will be done wherein weekly phone calls from the study team to monitor for COVID symptoms and potential adverse events. Follow-up monitoring will be done six (6) months up to 1.5 years after the last vaccination has been done. Specifically, monitoring will be as follows:

  • Case monitoring:   Will be conducted for each individual from 14 days after the final vaccination and the cases collected 14 days after the final vaccination will be considered as valid cases.
  • Efficacy follow-up will include weekly contacts to reduce loss of trial participants and to increase likelihood of detecting COVID-19 disease. Blinded study follow-up, including for adverse events, will be planned for at least one year, although for vaccines found to be substantially protective, vaccine and placebo recipients may be unblinded sooner.
4. How important is the conduct of clinical trials involving Filipinos in order to better ensure the efficacy and safety of candidate vaccines before they are administered in the country?
  • Different vaccines may possibly have different effects on different races. Hence, the conduct of local clinical trials in the Philippines will provide the vaccine developers efficacy and safety data that is directly attributed to the Filipino population.
  • An EUA allows only limited use of vaccines for a certain priority group or sector. Vaccines under EUA cannot be used yet for mass vaccinations or for populations not covered by the current trials (e.g. pregnant women, those below 18 years of age, etc.).
  • Long-term follow up data on safety and efficacy which can be achieved by continuing Phase III clinical trials for at least another 12 months even while there is already an EUA are still necessary to generate the evidence needed for full market authorization.
  • Targeted trials on specific groups will still need to be done as well to be able to provide basis on the use of a vaccine on such groups or a specific population.
  • Considering that most vaccines being procured under EUA right now have not been studied in Filipinos, local trials can generate the necessary long-term data on safety and efficacy of vaccines.
5. Will COVID-19 Vaccines provide long-term protection?

It is too early to know if COVID-19 vaccines will provide long-term protection. Additional research is needed for us to determine the long-term effect of the COVID-19 vaccines. However, it’s encouraging that available data suggest that most people who recover from COVID-19 develop an immune response that provides at least some period of protection against reinfection – although we’re still learning how strong this protection is, and how long it lasts.

6. What safety monitoring mechanisms are in place for vaccines under an EUA?

The holder of the EUA shall have a comprehensive pharmacovigilance system for their product following the system or protocol for a registered drug and biological product. They shall ensure compliance to the Risk Management Plan (RMP), which contains information on product safety profile and explains the measures to characterize the risk including ongoing, new studies or additional activities. The summary of the RMP shall be published in the FDA website. Any deviation from or changes to the manufacture and changes in label of the product must be notified with the FDA. The pharmacovigilance obligations and post-authorization commitments of the holder of the EUA shall be shared by the national procurer and health program implementers to the fullest extent possible and applicable.

7. How reliable and credible are the pharmaceutical companies behind the available and candidate vaccines? What are their other products in the market?

The following are some of the other vaccines developed and/or commercialized by some of the vaccine developers with a COVID-19 vaccine in advance stage of development:

  1. Pfizer: Pneumococcal (conjugate) Prevenar 13; 10 others vaccines in the pipeline
  2. Moderna: Cancer and Prophylactic vaccines (both mRNA)
  3. AstraZeneca: FluMist Quadrivalent flu vaccine
  4. Gamaleya: Ebola
  5. Janssen: Vaccines for bacterial infections
  6. Novavax: Seasonal Influenza, RSV, Ebola, MERS, SARS
  7. Clover: In the pipeline: HIV, RSV, Influenza
  8. Anhui: 17 clinical trials were registered on vaccines for PTB, BCG, Norovirus
  9. Sinovac: Healive (Hep A), Bilive (Combined Hep A and Hep B), Anflu (Seasonal Influenza), Panflu (Pandemic Influenza H5N1), and Panflu.1 (Pandemic Influenza A H1N1)
  10. Bharat Biotech: 14 vaccines including for Hib, polio, A(H1N1), rabies, rotavirus, typhoid
  11. Sinopharm: No info found for other vaccines but they have therapeutic products and medical devices and equipment
8. How much of the population is needed for clinical trials to deem the vaccines being tested as "safe"?

Clinical trials have several stages:

Phase 1: The candidate  vaccine is given to a small number (10-100) of healthy adults with the primary aim of assessing safety

Phase 2: If the the candidates vaccine is found safe in Phase 1, it will be given to  100-1000 participants to determine how effectively it stimulates immune response and if there are any side effects;

Phase 3: If the vaccine is found to be safe and effective in Phase 2, it will be given to thousands of people (as much as ~30K) to determine if it protects a large population from the disease and whether there are any uncommon or serious side effects.

Even for vaccines that will eventually be given approval, monitoring of people who are vaccinated will still be done as there are very rare (i.e. 1 in 100,000 or 1 in 500,000 people) side effects that  large clinical trials may not capture, or  the clinical trials may not have included groups who may have higher risk of side effects than those who participated in the trials (e.g. pregnant women, older population

9. How can people be assured that the vaccines' effectiveness is greater than the risks or possible long-term effects, especially when they know that clinical trials and evaluations were done as quickly as possible?

Vaccines are some of the most rigorously tested medical products today, and the COVID-19 vaccines are no different. The fact that the COVID-19 vaccines are available for use less than a year since the virus was discovered was not because corners were cut in the conduct of the clinical trials. Instead, the technology used to make the vaccines are the result of years of basic science research and experience with other outbreaks, as well as the continuous advancement in science and technology. All the vaccines which underwent Phase 3 clinical trials have undergone rigorous evaluation and examination by independent safety monitoring boards and have been scrutinized by the strictest regulatory agencies in the world. The vaccines with published Phase 3 trials show remarkable efficacy and impressive safety profiles. Most side effects are mild and self-limiting and very rare reports of severe adverse events. It must be noted that the results of these Phase 3 trials are “interim” because these safety and efficacy data are short term. The Phase 3 studies will continue on to completion in 1-2 years and it’s only then when we will have the full picture of its long term capability to provide protection. Having said this, in the setting of a raging pandemic where people at highest risk for contracting the disease must be protected immediately, the interim Phase 3 results and the resulting Emergency Use Authorizations from the various regulatory agencies worldwide are reliable markers that should rebalance the risk-benefit assessment towards receiving the vaccines.

10. In case of adverse events, how fast can we know the results if the effects are related to the vaccine? How will safety monitoring be conducted for independent trials?

Safety monitoring. The sponsor or the local CRO will be responsible for monitoring the progress of independent clinical trials. They are required to submit a monthly study progress report to the FDA. On top of that, FDA has an established process for reporting suspected adverse reactions, FDA AO No. 2016-026 which details the timelines and actions to be taken should an adverse event occur.


WHO SVT vs Independent CT
WHO SVT Independent trials
The Philippines as approved by the IATF Resolution No. 47 will participate in the WHO Solidarity Vaccine Trials as part of the country’s global commitments to collective and inclusive efforts on COVID-19 vaccine development. Other vaccine developers can conduct independent clinical trials in the Philippines provided that they will be able to fund their own trials and have their application registered and approved by the FDA.
Implemented by the World Health Organization, funded by the Philippine government Implemented and funded by independent private companies and their respective CROs
Evaluates safety and efficacy of “several  preventive candidate SARS-CoV-2 vaccines” under development Evaluates safety and efficacy of one candidate vaccine for each independent private company
Adaptive, rapid, community-based trials Hospital/Trials site-based recruitment
Large, international, multi-site,

individually randomized controlled clinical trial

Study design varies for every independent private company
WHO SVT shall be prioritized in the assignment of Trial Zones, as stated in the Zoning Guidelines approved by the IATF Separate trial zones will be assigned to independent trials, such that they are equally and rationally distributed to avoid competition in subject recruitment.
An independent Data and Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC) will be formed by TG on Evaluation and Selection to monitor safety of vaccine candidates under WHO SVT while the study is ongoing. The sponsor or local CRO will monitor the progress of clinical trials. However, they are required to submit a monthly study progress report to the FDA.
The WHO SVT team will oversee the recruitment, in partnership with local government units in designated trial sites. Recruitment will be done through the local CROs which should follow the IATF-approved zoning guidelines
Role of LGUs

As we gear for the conduct of these clinical trials, we are also counting on the support of our local chief executives to generate successful outcomes.

To summarize the crucial role of our local chief executives, we would like to share with you this acronym, Lingkod TAPAT:

  • Tumulong sa pangangasiwa ng clinical trials kasama ang SVT team (Assist in facilitating the clinical trials in partnership with the WHO SVT team)
  • Alamin at ipagbigay alam sa WHO SVT Team ang 3 klase ng lugar na kailangan para sa trial: may mataas na kaso ng COVID-19, may mga potensyal na boluntaryo sa trial, may pasilidad sa pangangasiwa ng trial (Identify 3 key locations for the clinical trial – places with high number of COVID-19 cases, places where we can recruit volunteers, places with the facility to conduct the clinical trial)
  • Pamunuan ang preparasyon sa pamayanan para sa clinical trials (Lead the preparations needed in the selected trial sites)
  • Asikasuhin ang pagbuo ng Community Advisory Board (CAB) (Form the Community Advisory Board)
  • Transportasyon ng mga kalahok (Facilitate and arrange the transportation needed for appointments, follow-ups, etc.)
Role of Healthcare workers
  • Assisting in conduct of Vaccine Trial in various sites identified
  • Educating respective barangays on the role of clinical trials in vaccine development and safeguards in place (i.e. informed consent process, management of potential adverse events)
  • Supporting info dissemination on difference of vaccine clinical trials and regular immunization programs

Independent Clinical Trials

Independent Clinical Trials

For independent clinical trials, discussions are ongoing with 25 biotech and pharmaceutical companies from different countries. To date, approved independent clinical trials will be conducted by:

These clinical trials will be handled by private CROs, and will follow the protocols of the FDA. Every application undergoes a rigorous review process by the FDA, SJREB and partner evaluators, before they are approved.

You may access the approved clinical-trial applications uploaded on the Philippine Health Research Registry.

Glossary of CT terms

Glossary of CT terms
A GLOSSARY TO UNDERSTAND CTsSources: WHO, FDA, Wiley Online Library

  • Adverse reaction –  An unwanted effect caused by the administration of drugs
  • Clinical trial – A research study involving humans to determine whether new drugs or treatments or vaccines are both safe and effective
  • Control group – The standard by which experimental observations are evaluated. In many clinical trials one group of patients will be given an experimental drug or treatment, while the control group is given either a standard treatment for the illness or a placebo
  • Data safety and monitoring Committee (DSMC) – An independent committee composed of community representatives and clinical research experts that review data while a clinical trial is in progress to ensure that participants are not exposed to undue risk.
  • Dosage – The amount of drug administered to a patient or test subject over the course of the clinical study
  • Effectiveness The extent to which a specific intervention, when used under ordinary circumstances, does what it is intended to do.
  • Efficacy The extent to which an intervention produces a beneficial result under ideal conditions.
  • Eligibility criteria – The medical or social standards determining whether a person may or may not be allowed to enter a clinical trial
  • Good clinical practice (GCP) – The rules for the design, conduct, performance, monitoring, auditing, recording, analysis, and reporting of clinical trials. GCP provide assurance that data and results are based on sound scientific and ethical research
  • Informed consent – The process of learning the key facts about a clinical trial before deciding whether to participate. It is also a continuing process throughout the study to provide information for participants.
  • Institutional review board (IRB) A committee of physicians, statisticians, researchers, community advocates, and others that ensures that a clinical trial is ethical and that the rights of study participants are protected
  • Interim analysis – Analysis comparing intervention groups at any time before the formal completion of a trial, usually before recruitment is complete.
  • Investigational new vaccine – A new vaccine that is used in a clinical investigation
  • Pharmacovigilance – The science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problem
  • Placebo – An inactive pill, liquid, or powder that has no treatment value. In clinical trials, experimental treatments are often compared with placebos to assess the treatment ’ s effectiveness.
  • Placebo effect – A physical or emotional change, occurring after a substance is taken or administered, that is not the result of any special property of the substance
  • Preclinical – The testing of experimental therapies in the test tube or in animals — the testing that occurs before trials in humans may be carried out.
  • Protocol – A study plan on which all clinical trials are based. The plan is carefully designed to safeguard the health of the participants as well as answer specific research questions.
  • Randomization – A method based on chance by which study participants are assigned to a treatment group.
  • Side effects – Any undesired actions or effects of a drug or treatment. Experimental drugs must be evaluated for both immediate and long-term side effects.

IEC Materials - Explainer Videos

Paano Gumagana ang Bakuna?

Ano ang proseso ng clinical trials at paano ito isinasagawa?

Myths (Hindi Totoo) vs Facts (Totoo) about Clinical Trials

Rights of Clinical Trial Participants

Paano pinahihintulutang bilhin at gamitin ang bakuna sa COVID-19?

Ano ang ibat ibang uri ng bakuna kontra COVID 19?

WHO SVT vs. independent trials

IEC Materials - Primer


Fact Sheet

Good Clinical Practice for Community Health Workers

How to register?


This GCP training course is intended for community health workers (CHWs) in the Philippines participating in Covid vaccine trials.  The DOST and DOH certify that a CHW has met the minimum requirements for Basic Good Clinical Practice during community engagement.  Moreover, the certificate may be used as evidence of updated GCP training in the conduct of vaccine community trials. But this short term training does not meet the initial training requirements for clinical investigators who need longer training hours to conduct research.





Bilang paghahanda sa COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials sa Pilipinas, naglunsad ng Basic Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training para sa Community Health Workers ang Task Group on Vaccine Evaluation and Selection, na pinamunuan ng Department of Science and Technology (DOST) kasama ang Department of Health (DOH).

Ang pamamaraan ng pagtuturo na gagamitin sa training na ito ay “flipped classroom” kung saan ang mga CHWs ay maaaring mag-aral ng mga nakatalagang paksa sa bahay batay sa kanilang sariling oras at bilis. Ang pamamaraang ito ay nakikitang mabisa sa mga mag-aaral na may limitadong oras upang dumalo sa mahabang sesyon o panayam.

Layon ng online training na bigyan ang CHWs ng tamang kaalaman sa kung paano pangangalagaan ang karapatan ng mga kalahok sa clinical trials. Ang aktibidad na ito ay siya ring magsisilbing pagkakataon upang tugunan ang mga tanong ng CHWs tungkol sa clinical trials.

Ang Basic GCP Training na ito ay libre para sa Community Health Workers.

Who can Join?

Sino ang maaaring sumali sa online GCP Training?

Ang lahat ng Community Health Workers gaya ng City Health Worker, Municipal Health Worker, Barangay health worker, mga lisensiyadong doctor, nurse, midwife at pharmacists na nagsisilbi sa mga pampublikong health centers at ospital, at ang iba pang lisensiyadong health professionals na nagtatrabaho sa mga pang pribadong klinik o ospital ay maaaring sumali sa online GCP Training.

What you need?

Ano ang kailangan para sa pagsali? 


  • Kailangan ng gadget gaya ng laptop, mobile phone, tablet na may internet connection at kayang manuod ng video gamit ang YouTube at mag-access ng website
  • Kailangang may email account
  • Facebook account (optional)
Save the dates


Aktibidad Petsa
Registration/ Enrollment

Pagsagot ng Pre-Test

Marso 29 – Abril 10, 2021
Panunuod ng video lessons Abril 10 – Abril 23, 2021
Paglahok sa Q and A Session with lecturers Abril 23, 2021
Pagsagot ng Post Test Abril 26, 2021

Video Lessons

Video Lessons


PAALALA: Ang lahat ng materyal sa website, Youtube page at Facebook group ng DOST-PCHRD para sa Good Clinical Practice Training ay protektado ng copyright sa ilalim ng Copyright Act. Hindi maaaring kopyahin, ipamahagi, i-publish, ipakita, baguhin, lumikha ng mga gawaing hango, magpadala, ibenta, o sa anumang paraan ay pagsamantalahan ang anumang naturang nilalaman. Ang pagkopya o pag-iimbak ng anumang nilalaman ay malinaw na ipinagbabawal nang walang paunang pahintulot ng DOST-PCHRD at ng may-ari ng copyright. Para sa pahintulot na magamit ang mga lectures, mangyaring makipag-ugnay sa

Ang nilalaman ng Facebook group at website ay ibinibigay lamang para sa mga hangaring pang-edukasyon at impormasyon. Ang PCHRD ay maaaring magdagdag, mag-ayos o magtanggal ng anumang nilalaman, patakaran, pamamaraan o regulasyon ng GCP Training.


1. GCP Introduction

2. Administrative Oversight: Participation in Clinical Trials vs. EUA

Sa araling ito ipapaliwanag ang mga pangunahing konsepto tungkol sa clinical trials at Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) ng mga bakuna para sa COVID-19. Ipapaliwanag din kung bakit mahalaga ang paglahok ng Pilipinas sa clinical trial at ang dalawang klase ng clinical trial na isasagawa sa bansa.

Pagkatapos ng pag-aaral, dapat matutunan ng kalahok ang mga sumusunod:

  1. Ano ang clinical trials and Emergency Use Authorization(EUA)?
  2. Ano ang tungkulin ng Task Group on Vaccine Evaluation and Selection (TG VES)?
  3. Ano ang pagkakaiba ng Clinical Trials at EUA?

Dr. Jaime C. Montoya
Executive Director
DOST-Philippine Council for Health Research and Development

Estimated duration:
20 minuto

3. Dos and Don’ts in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials: The Role of Community Health Workers

Ipapaliwanag sa araling ito ang papel na ginagampanan ng mga Community Health Workers sa pagsasagawa ng clinical trials. Nilalayon nitong ipaunawa ang wastong mga kasanayan na dapat sundin ng mga CHWs upang matiyak na ang mga clinical trials ay sumunod sa mga ethical standards.

Pagkatapos ng pag-aaral, dapat matutunan ng kalahok ang mga sumusunod:

1.     Ano ano ang mga dapat tandaan ng Community Health Workers sa pagsasagwa ng clinical trials?
2.     Ano ano ang mga hindi dapat gawin sa pagsasagawa ng clinical trials?
3.     Ano ang responsibilidad ng Community Health Workers sa pagsasagawa ng clinical trials?

Dr. Cristina Torres
Forum for Ethical Review Committees in the Asia and Western Pacific Region

Estimated duration:
45  minutes

4. Recruiting Participants and Informed Consent

Ang araling ito ay magbibigay ng gabay sa kung ano ano ang mga dapat tandaan sa pag-rekrut ng mga kalahok at nagbibigay-diin sa kahalagahan ng pagkuha ng informed consent o pahintulot ng mga lalahok sa clinical trials na batay sa itinakdang etikal na pamantayan.

Pagkatapos ng pag-aaral, dapat matutunan ng kalahok ang mga sumusunod:

  1. Ano ang informed consent? Bakit ito mahalaga?
  2. Ano ano ang mga dapat tandaan sa pagkuha ng consent o pahintulot ng kalahok na pagsali sa clinical trials?

Ms. Edlyn B. Jimenez
University of the Philippines Manila Research Ethics Board

Estimated duration:
22 minutes

5. Monitoring Clinical Trials: Safety Reporting and Documentation

Ang pagsubaybay sa mga clinical trials ay isang mahalagang hakbang sa pananaliksik. Sa araling ito, tuturuan ang mga CHWs kung ano ang kahalagahan ng diary card at paano ito ginagamit para sa safety reporting and documentation sa clinical trials.

Pagkatapos ng pag-aaral, dapat matutunan ng kalahok ang mga sumusunod:

  1. Ano ang Serious Adverse Events (SAE)?
  2. Ano ang diary card?
  3. Ano ang dapat malaman ng CHW sa paggamit ng the diary card?
  4. Bakit mahalaga ang diary card sa mga lalahok sa clinical trials?

Mr. Al Ryan Baniqued
Country Head, Parexel Clinical Research Philippines Ltd. Corp

Estimated duration:
22 minutes

GCP Certificates Recipients

GCP Certificates Recipients



The names listed here belong to trainees who have satisfied all the requirements of the GCP Training Program, which include the completion of: 1) enrollment 2) pre-assessment quiz, 3) attendance to the live Q&A session, and 4) post-assessment quiz, with a score of 60% and above. The DOST and DOH certify that the following community health workers have met the minimum requirements for Basic Good Clinical Practice during community engagement.


1. Abdul Javar Esturco 242. Grace Macapagal 483. Maricel Mendoza
2. Abelaine Venida Tablizo 243. Gracielle Ruth Adajar 484. Marie Angelie So
3. Adelene Celestra 244. Gracieux Fernando 485. marie cherry lynn fernando
4. Adelyn A Duyag 245. Hannah Lydia Bernardo 486. Marie Eleonor T. Libunao
5. Adjarael Joemal V. Malali, Jr. 246. Hara Jenrose E. Caparro 487. MARIE ELLA FLOR DE VERA URBANO
6. Adrian G. Fernandico 247. HARTZELL DASKEO 488. Marie Florence R. Manaois
7. Adrian John P. Bejarin, MD 248. Hazel Floreta 489. Marie Grace M.Omadto
8. Adrian Segovia 249. Hazel Lat 490. Marie Lemyr Abelardo
9. AEGAN MATTHEW V AMICAN 250. Herbert Pascual 491. Mariecor Tamayo
10. Aemmanuelle Magno 251. Heriberto Guballa 492. Mariel Joy M. Atanacio-Lu
11. Agnes Venessa Carungcong 252. Humprey G. Icban 493. Mariel Sevilla
12. Aireen Patricia Madrid 253. Ian Gabrielle Cuyno 494. Marielle Eunice C. Ramajo
13. Airene Biaco-Nacion 254. Ian Nova Dela Camara 495. Marieugenie Yazmin Pauline Daen
14. Aldren R. Remon 255. Ida Marie T. Lim 496. MARIEZANE VITTO
15. Aldrin Riel Boyano 256. Imarzen Elepano 497. Marilei Martinez
16. Alejandro Ylaya 257. Imelda Caole-Ang 498. Marilou Madrid
17. Alex V. Abelos 258. Ira Fe Borillo 499. Marilou Tan
18. Alexander Berioso II 259. Isagani Quidilla 500. Mario Domingo
19. Alexander Pring 260. Isidro Sia 501. Marisol Molina – Adorable
20. Aljeane Ramillano 261. IVY MARCEL VARIAS 502. MARITESS OMBAO
21. Almira A. Manzano 262. Iza Donna R. Togbo 503. Mark Clyde D. Daoana
22. Almon Constantino 263. Iza Mae Chamen 504. Mark Gay-as
23. Alsun Cabarles 264. JACK BELARDO 505. Mark Isaiah K. Co
24. Alvel Tang-Manga 265. Jaclyn Johnson-Magpantay 506. Mark luigi ebreo
25. Alvin C. Agustin 266. Jacqueline Calaycay 507. Mark Paolo Enrico U. Obias
26. Alvin Chester P. Señir, MD. 267. Jaffar Carag Pineda, M.D. 508. Mark Pretzel Zumaraga
27. Alvin Saed 268. Jahzeel Acab 509. Mark Rodrigo D. Mendros
28. Alyssa Adeley Derramas 269. Jake Anthony G. Albarico, RN, MD 510. MARLON C. MALLILLIN, III
29. Amapola Puaso 270. Jamaica Marie M. Tumulak 511. Marlou Del N. Tarranco
30. Ana Aurelia Santos 271. James Dominic Sayson 512. Marlyn L. Vicerra
31. ANA JESSA DE JESUS 272. James Lloyd Galutera 513. Marr Antoniette Boncan
32. Ana Liza Duran 273. Jamille Pasion 514. Marri Jmelou Roldan
33. Ana Pholyn Balahadia 274. Janela Marie Co 515. Marvic Sharmane R. Garcia-Tanael
34. Ana Tanya Tullao 275. Janette F. Pascual 516. Marvin De Manuel
35. Ana Tess Adis – De La Cruz 276. JANICE D. DE LEON 517. MARY ANGELICA V. LEGASPI
36. Ana Trisha Okol 277. Janice Regondola-Baltazar 518. Mary Ann A. Wagas
37. Andre Canaria 278. Janine Aliza B. Birog 519. Mary Ann Limbo
38. Andrea Mendoza 279. Jashca Angela M. Oquindo 520. Mary Ann V. Leh
39. Angel Ancheta Jr 280. Jasmin S. Tamon 521. Mary Davie Lynn L. Lo
40. Angela Beatrice M. Martinez 281. Jason James Lusabia 522. Mary Grace Nicole Reyes
41. Angelanna Ysais 282. Jason Suquila 523. MARY IODINE S. LACANIENTA
42. Angeles T Alora 283. Jason Syson 524. Mary Jane Molina
43. Angelica Fernandez 284. Jean N. Guillasper 525. Mary Joy D. Santos, PTRP
44. Angelica Karina S. Ledesma 285. Jeanelle Louise S. Dumalag 526. Mary Joy G. Vasquez
45. Angelica Marie T. Nario 286. Jeannette Yee Ramiro 527. Mary Luz Fiangaan
46. ANGELIQUE AZUCENAS 287. Jeciel Aropo 528. Mary Lyn Pelingon
47. Angelique Dominika Arellano 288. JEFFREY LOBOS 529. Mary Mildred D. Delos Santos
49. Angelite weyne lahorra 290. Jellian Razzele Kwok 531. Melchor Gabriel
50. Anna Karenina Causapin 291. Jemimah Valentin 532. Melissa Suzette Baesa
51. Anna Marie Sandoval 292. Jenelle Patricia D. Nival 533. MERLINA L. CABRERA
52. Annabel Aman 293. Jennifer Javier 534. Merlind Morales
53. Annalyn Sugano 294. Jennifer Rose Francisco 535. MERLYN G. TAJAN
54. Anne Dixie Lim 295. Jennifer Therese Amorin 536. Michael Calama-an
55. Anne Mae Ros 296. Jenny Lynn Vidanes 537. Michael Dennis I. dela Paz, MD
56. Anne Margaret Ang 297. Jerome Senen 538. Michael M. Resurreccion
57. Anne Margaux Artates 298. Jessa Louise Turreda 539. Michelle Ann Miranda
58. Antonio C Sison, MD 299. Jesus R. Dabalos Jr 540. Michelle Anne So Caamic
59. Antonio C.Banario 300. JEWELL NUÑEZ-SANGCATE 541. Michelle Otayco
60. April Anne Rivamonte Delola 301. Jezel Samonte 542. Michelle Sy
61. Arianne Antonette O. Libed 302. Jhon Mitchelle Wagas 543. Mickhael Langit
62. Aries O. Priagula 303. Jian Carlo R. Narag 544. Mignodel Morales
64. Arlene C. Parcasio 305. JILLIAN AUDREY L. ANGELES 546. Mila Sacamay
65. Arlyn Cantillep 306. Jireh Domingo Concepcion 547. Milagros B. Rabe
66. Armida Suller 307. Jo Ann Margarette G. Tordil 548. Milagros Jocson
67. Armie Plando 308. Joan Teodoro 549. MILAGROS L. BORABO
68. Arvin Alimurong 309. Joaña Jeb Dungog 550. Monica Bianca Hernandez Ordinario
69. Ashley Ediamy D. Go 310. Joana Sabong 551. Monica Z. Imperial
70. ATTY. ERIC G. CLAUDIO, Ph.D. 311. Joann Joven 552. Mylette Gan Delmas
71. Aurea Mae Basa 312. Joanna Mare A. Salinas 553. Myrna De lara
72. Aurora R. Valencia 313. Joanne Charisse Q. Comayao 554. Natasha F. Ilustrisimo
73. Azenith Alegar-Barcia MD 314. Joanne Marie Arcillas 555. Nicole Mae Martinez
74. Beatrice Alyssa Marie Sarte-Tan 315. Jobellyn Catherine Reforma Dela Luna 556. Nieves Capili
75. Beatriz Barbara Kho 316. Joey Kyle T. Mallari 557. NOEL LAXAMANA
76. Belinda Linayao 317. Johanna Lise C. Silva 558. Noel Nathaniel C. Napa
77. Belle Ranile 318. Johanne Fe C. Almonia 559. NORIELL JONATHAN MAMACLAY
78. Benedicto M Ancheta Jr 319. JOHN CARLO LEE 560. Norlia Macasalong
79. Benita Gracia N. Viloria 320. JOHN F. VILLEGAS 561. OLIVE JOYCE ALABADO-LINDERO
80. BERNARDO LABLABONG JR. 321. John Lester C. Gonzaga 562. Oliver Bryan Oliva
81. Bianca Denise E. Edora 322. John Lexter G. Mojica 563. Omar Villalobos
82. Bianca Nikkola Olonan 323. John Louise D. Raval 564. Orlando Filoteo
83. Blessing J. Prado 324. John Marie Idava 565. ORPHA P.MONTILLANO,MD
84. BRENAN IAN DC. CAPUNO 325. John Mark Carabeo 566. Paolo Pineda
85. BRENDA CAMILLE JAVIER 326. John Michael P. Tomagan 567. Patria Pacquing
86. Buena Dyanne Dawis 327. John Oliver B. Villanueva 568. Patricia Anne Concepcion
87. Buford Boado 328. John Patrick F. Ona 569. Patricia Mae S. Santos
88. CAILA NOELIN DE VILLA 329. JOHN PAULO AUSTRIA 570. Patrick Michael L. Roslyn
89. CANDY ANGELICA M. SIGUA-CABADDU 330. Joie Sheen Bastian 571. Patrick Silagon Jr
90. Carl Cabral 331. Jomar Adams Ganding 572. Paul John Bariuan
91. Carla Jane Concepcion Magno 332. Jomer Dennis B. Pinzon 573. Pauline Joy Lorenzo
92. Carla Mae C. Gialogo 333. Jon Luzmar D. Empenado 574. Paulo Maria N. Pagkatipunan
93. Carlo Noel Santos 334. Jonathan Disraeli Salvador 575. Pearl Joy Cabarles
94. Carlo Ordiz 335. Jorell Victor S. Angeles 576. Pedro Manzala
95. Carlos T. Nunez, Jr. 336. Jose Carlos Gana 577. Phillip Aristotle R. Hermida
96. Carmel Carabaña 337. Jose L Tambuyat Jr 578. Precious Emary Samonte
97. Carmela D. Barcelona 338. Jose Modesto III B. Abellera 579. Prima Donna Napa-Lim
98. Caryl Amisola 339. Joselito Gardoce 580. Qareem Pido
99. Catherine Jennifer M. Catibog 340. Joseph Adrian Buensalido 581. Raamah Rosales
100. Catherine May Hamtig 341. JOSEPH ISRAEL R. GUANLAO 582. Ramius Agustin Miguel D. Dizon
101. Cattleya Marie Bragado 342. Joseph Juico 583. Ramoncito Yambao
102. Cecilia Josefina Santos 343. JOSEPHINE C. ABRAZALDO 584. Randolf D. Cenon
103. Cecille Alday 344. Joshua Santos 585. Randy Urtula
104. Celegrace Zapanta, RN 345. JOSIE P. DESNACIDO 586. Ranier Ritchie Naldoza
105. Cesaria Ang-Pasion 346. Joy Abigail Hernandez 587. Raphael Gabriel Tejada
106. Charie Mae Daweg 347. Joy Grace G Jerusalem 588. Ray Dabon
107. Charlene Santos-Bartolome 348. Joy Palomares 589. Ray Noel C Badal
108. Charlie Labarda 349. Joyce Parco 590. Raymart Carl Amago
109. Charlotte Anne Leung Chiw 350. Joycel Fernandez 591. RAYMOND EMMANUEL ALBA PINEDA
110. Charmaine Bolusan 351. Juan Karlo dela Cruz 592. REGINA MARIE MARTIN
111. Charmaine Micu-Oblefias 352. Jude Tayaben 593. Reinelle Ann B. De Leon
112. Cherri Rachel Yarisantos 353. Judith Charmaine E. Rosette, MD 594. Remar Nell Z. Hapan
113. CHERRY B. LAZATIN 354. Judith G. Cabanela, MD 595. Renand Jude Camarista
114. Cherry Go-Palomar, M.D. 355. Judy Carmela V. Rosario 596. Renante C. Serrano Jr.
115. Cherry Lou Guinto-Ilarde 356. Julius Migriño, Jr. 597. Renee Joy Neri
116. Cheska Aira Yayen Abarra 357. Jun Michael Bugarin 598. Renelle Sebastian
117. CHONA PATALEN 358. Junhel Dalanon 599. REYNALDO M. ALVAREZ JR
118. Christian Bernard Cheng 359. Justine Anne Sangil 600. Reynen Rose S. Pausanos
119. Christian Dominique S.C. YU 360. Karen Bongas 601. Rhealyn M. Ona
120. Christian Ian Barrido 361. Karina P. Lapinid 602. Rhoda Lyn Arauag
121. CHRISTIAN N. RAMOS, MD 362. Karina Sze 603. Rhodora Therese Torres
122. Christianne Cabanos 363. Karla Sophia Lumang 604. Rhomina Jhona B. Suan, RN
123. Christine Doncillo 364. KATHERINE ANNE C. ACUIN 605. Ria Carla C. Siccion
124. Christine Grace Forcadas 365. Katherine Rhea Cabantac 606. Ria F. Valdez, M.D.
125. Christine P. Manalili-Trinidad 366. Kathleen Gonzales 607. Ric Francis P. Miranda
126. Ciara Margaret Nerona 367. Kathryn Say 608. Rica Ching
127. Claire C. Ponce 368. Katrina Bianca Chua 609. Richard Abitong
128. Clarissa A. De Guzman 369. Katrina Concesa Refuerzo 610. RICHELLIE PAGAR
129. Clarissa Marie S. Tady 370. Katrina Kamille C Fausto-Gonzales 611. Richmae Gillera
130. Coleen Jane Macariola 371. Kayla Gabrielle C. Lecciones 612. Rima Pabalan
131. Colene Agatha Uy 372. Kent Edbert Keh 613. RINA JANE ALARCON
132. Conrad Aron Valdez 373. KEVIN CLARK T. LIM 614. Rina Ong-Tanyang
133. Crista Mae Fontanilla 374. Kevin Paul B. Ferraris 615. Rivero Opano
134. Crystal Jmee G. Hernandez 375. KHRISTINE JOY DE CASTRO MACAPAGAL 616. Robelle Joan Peralta
135. Cynthia Anzures 376. Kiah Belle Felichi Songco 617. Roberto M. Montaña
136. Cynthia Nacpil 377. KIMBERLY ANN PULGA 618. ROBIN C. AT-AT
138. Cytesse C. Cambronero 379. Kimberly Ruth Asilo 620. Rochere Aubrey Olabe
139. Dan Louie Renz Tating 380. Kirsten Nicole Arcega 621. Rocky Dizon
140. Dan Micko F. Pedron 381. Krissa Mae Bartilit 622. ROD ERICK L. AGARRADO
141. Daniel G. Salunga 382. Krista Datuin 623. Rodaliza Gumboc
142. Daniel Patrick G. Mojica 383. Kristeen Joy P. Mercado 624. Rodderick Oclarino
143. Danilo Baldemor 384. Kristelie Mae Onda 625. Rodelia V. Nicolas
144. Danny Boy Gorospe 385. Kristhine Abegail Gamiao 626. Rodney Famero
145. Darlene Sarah Isabel Pineda 386. Kristian Alfonso Cueto 627. Rodney Odesson Raguindin
146. David Joseph Ong 387. Kristin Catherine A. Balaaldia 628. RODOLFO NATHANIEL ANGELES JR
147. David Joshua Priela 388. Kristine Bernadette Lawas 629. Rodrigo Senador
148. Dayang Sitti Shelna S. Corrales 389. Kristine Joy Sapno 630. ROI MARTIN B. PAJIMNA
149. Denisse Mheryl S Bingcang 390. Kristine Pascua Flores, MD 631. Rojema A. Pangarungan
150. Dennis Jose Sulit 391. Kristle Aline C. De Roma 632. Romeo C. Cruz Jr.
151. Desiree Bautista 392. Kriza Rosette A. Cadorna 633. Romeo C. Tuazon Jr.
152. Desiree Joy Pacana 393. Krizchelle Ching Sai 634. Romeo R. Mejia Jr
153. Diana Peñaflor 394. Krystle Marie Niñora 635. Romerico Torres
154. Diane Clarisse Garcia 395. Lady Kristelle Van Z. Alaan 636. Romiena Mae A. Santos
155. Dianne Grace R. Calingasan 396. Laura Andrea B. Rivera-Mapili 637. Romulo Cunanan II
156. Dianne Rose C. Mendoza 397. Laurence Javier 638. ROMULUS HILARIO
157. Dimpna V. Bitagon 398. Laurene Jeanne Ching 639. Ronald Perez
158. Dionisio Apdo Jr 399. Lazo, Andrea T. 640. Ronaldo Elepaño III
159. DIVINA OCAMPO 400. Lea Galia 641. Roniefhel Apsay
160. DOMINIQUE SEDANO 401. Leedah Ranola-Nisperos 642. Rosa Angela Dones-Delos Santos
161. Donnie Saludes 402. Lelyn R Mission 643. Rosalie Remedios Ramirez
162. Dr Erwin M. Faller 403. Lemerie Anne P. Sunga 644. Rosalyn Panao
163. Dyan Kristel P. Sabalvaro 404. LENARD CHARLES C. MONSADA 645. Rose Christian H. Dayao
164. Dyan Q. Sosing, MD 405. Lestet Dimzon 646. ROSE DYANE NUNAG
165. Earl Adriane Cano 406. Lexlee Joy M. Cabasal 647. Roselle Poso
166. Earl Francis Sumile 407. Lhyka Pamintuan 648. Roselle Sapanghila
167. Earlan Bautista 408. LIBRANDA 649. Roselyn M. Panganiban
168. Eden R. Go-Santos 409. Liezl Malabanan 650. Roselyn Maderse
169. Editha P Jacer 410. LILY ROSE DE LA CONCEPCION-CO 651. Rotchelle Jane Collado
170. Edmark C. Kamantigue 411. Linelle Anne R. Aban 652. Rowena A Raynera
171. Edsel Martin 412. Lodivica D Bandilla 653. Rowena Escolar Chua
173. Eileen Feliz Cortes-Garcia 414. Lora Megumi Santiago 655. Roy Luister Acos
174. Elaine Marie Y. Omaña 415. Lorenz Jacob Mangahas 656. RUBIEANNE MALLILLIN
175. Elaine Ooka 416. Lorenza Legaspi 657. Rubiliza Telan
177. Elijah Mae C.Amistad 418. Lotes Joy Sabuquia 659. Ryan Andrew Manahan
178. Elizabeth Go-Tan 419. Louisiana Bianca Laurilla 660. Ryan Cambaling
179. Elizabeth K. Supelana 420. Lovely Sanedrin 661. Ryan de la rosa
180. Ellicia Vern Mendoza 421. Loyda Amor N. Cajucom 662. Ryan James Suguitan
181. Elmer Hilary Balbin 422. Lozel Villadore 663. Ryan Jes R. Reyta
182. Elsa Dionisio 423. Ma Elena Dalimbang 664. Ryan Joseph C. Tuzon
183. Emelita Padilla 424. MA TERESITA DE GUIA-LIWANAG 665. Ryan Parcon
184. Em-Em Lamento 425. Ma. Angelita Rabanal 666. Salimah Langilao
185. Emily Flores 426. Ma. Barbara Monserrat Javier 667. Sam Kevin C. Saclayan
186. Emmanuel Ian Lorenz T. Pacao 427. Ma. Carina L. Cruz 668. Sarah Jane Toledo
187. Ena Andrea M. Antonio 428. Ma. Carina Rebueno 669. Sean Paul C. Fiangaan
188. Eric P. Cayabyab 429. Ma. Elizabeth Fontanilla 670. SHAHARA ALMAZORA DIANELA
189. Erica Karla Dela Cruz 430. Ma. Georgina H. Manzano 671. SHANELLE MONLOY
190. Erwin Palisoc 431. Ma. Geraldine Ramos 672. Shanelle Tan
191. ESMERALDA ABLING 432. MA. GERALDINE TONGCO 673. Sharlene Marie Lao
192. Estela Javier 433. Ma. Janeth Algas 674. Sharmaine G. Abalos
193. Ethel Daño 434. Ma. Jojo Mercado 675. Shayne Gabriel
194. Evangeline Capul-Sy-Changco 435. Ma. Karina R. Trinidad 676. Sheila Mai Rocabo
195. Evelyn A. Siao 436. Ma. Lourdes S. Imperial, MD 677. Sherwin Galit
196. Evelyn B. Peñalosa 437. Ma. Priscilla Jessica Hernandez 678. Sheryl Santiago-Millares
197. Evelyn G. Sta. Cruz 438. Ma. Reena Beatrice V. Tagle 679. Shiela Mae Sarenas
198. Fatima Alcain Dahe 439. Ma. Rochelle S. Dioquino 680. SHIELA NAVASCA
199. Fatima Soraya T. Santos 440. Ma. Rosario Bonagua 681. Shirley Wong
200. Fay de Ocampo 441. Ma. Rowela Lamac 682. Soledad Jalimao
201. Faye Margaret Lagrimas 442. Ma. Theresa Collante 683. Stephanie Joy F Ortaleza
202. FE D. ARCENAS 443. Madelyn Asturias 684. Stephannie Jude A. Pascual MD
203. Fe Marie Danielle Mendez 444. Madelynne P. Olalia 685. STEPHEN JOHN KABALICAN
204. Felice Joy Carlos 445. Maelady Joan Chua 686. Susan Diaz
205. Felice Marie Santos 446. Maida Fatima E. Chan 687. Terence Jason Flores
206. Felicidad Romualdez 447. Mar I Jeramil Taguinod 688. Theodor Vesagas
207. Ferdinand B. Barroga, RMT 448. Mara Sabrina Clemente 689. Timothy John S. Bautista, RPh, MD
208. Filipina Ng 449. Mardy Lee 690. TOPACIO, ANNA KRISTINA S.
209. Flordeliza Grana 450. Marfil F. Forteza 691. Van Aldwin C. Lopez
210. Flory May G. Agustin 451. Mari Cris Mahinay 692. Venice Mae T. Mejia
211. Frances Anne Caranto 452. Maria Alyza I. Ruanto 693. Venus A. Solar
212. Frances Dianne Ramos 453. Maria Carmela P. Perez 694. Veronica Solis
213. Frances Pola Arias 454. Maria Cecilia Tolentino 695. Veronica Talla
214. Frances Riel B. Elinzano 455. Maria Donnabelle U. Dean 696. Vince Angelo Lim
215. Francesca Michaela Granda 456. maria frances pinto 697. Virginia Crisostomo
216. FRANCISCO R. GELLECANAO JR. 457. Maria Gracia Concepcion C Vesagas 698. Vivian Joy Abila
217. Frederic Joseph F Diyco, MD 458. MARIA JOANE R. BONTIA 699. Vladimir Guillermo
218. GABRIELLE CANTO 459. Maria Josephine G. Liao 700. Warren Kemuel M. Pan
219. Gabrielle Dominique Dijamco 460. Maria Karina M. Montesines 701. Wedcell Joseph O. Hernandez
220. Gabrielle Paul Pascual 461. Maria Katrina Manicad 702. Wendell Adrian Lim
221. Garry A. Montecillo 462. Maria Korina Abao Dakis 703. William Lavadia
222. Gemark Montayre 463. Maria Kristina D. Base 704. Winston Chan
223. Geneva Beltran 464. Maria Lilybeth R. Tanchoco 705. Wren Angelo A. Asprec
224. Genevieve Sadaya, MD 465. Maria Lourdes Caeg 706. Wynona Adriano
225. GERALDINE M. ROBLES 466. Maria Lourdes R. Abeleda 707. Xandra Mae M. Uy
226. Gerard Raimon M. Saranza 467. Maria Lourdes T. Solidum 708. YLA MARLYN LEE A. CORONADO
227. Gerben Villanueva 468. Maria Margarita Cuesta 709. Yula Busilan
228. Gian Carlo De Jesus 469. Maria Niña Grace Bastinen 710. Zedierick Tanjista
229. gianetta lorena a. gamelo 470. Maria Rhea F. Sabangan 711. ZUZETTE B. CATABONA
230. GIANINA DELGADO 471. Maria Rosario Aguila 712. RONALD S. GO
231. Ginessa Grace Galang Rendaje 472. Maria Socorro M. Torno 713. KARINA MARIE BATU
232. Gingerlie Guerrero 473. MARIA TERESA BASILIDES 714. Danwyn Janel A. Mercado
233. Gladdys Christian S. Dela Torre 474. Maria Teresa C. Luna, MD 715. Adrian Dwight Martin
234. Glennford Acoba 475. Maria Teresa Germar 716. Kento Takahashi
235. GODFREY CACCAM 476. Maria Teresa T. Rodriguez 717. Reggiena LP. Lachica
236. Goldie Lynn D. Diaz, MD 477. Maria Victoria V. Bongar 718. ROLANDO DE LEON JR
237. Grace Ann Cenon 478. Marian Almyra S. Naranjilla 719. Helen Amo
238. Grace Concepcion 479. Marian Lourdes Ballesteros 720. Edgardo Lazaro
239. Grace Cuzon 480. Marica Estrada 721. Luisa Marie A. Santos
241. Grace Diaz 482. Maricar Valenzuela 723. Judy Dy Lin-Ong
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