Stay healthy

Summer is here and I bet you are excited to go on another memorable trip with your loved ones this year. But of course, we wish to have only happy memories. Here are some tips to help ensure that you and your family stay healthy and worry-free throughout your trip.

  1. Be well hydrated. Dehydration wreaks havoc in your immune system as well as energy levels. When you travel, you are more exposed to harmful microorganisms. Time differences, lack of quality sleep, especially during long haul flights, lugging around luggage, and waiting for hours cause fatigue, which will be intensified with dehydration. Make sure you drink water before departure and bring an empty water bottle along with you, which you can request to be refilled by flight attendants. You can keep yourself well hydrated throughout the flight without having the need to constantly bug the crew for a cup of water. The only downside to this is that you may frequent the lavatory, but this is one inconvenience you should be willing to overlook in exchange for an energy-filled and infection-free vacation.
  2. Bring snacks. When you are on tour that lasts for hours, it is uncertain whether or not shops or vending machines are available for refreshments. Aside from carrying your water bottle, bring crackers, dried fruits, nuts, granola bars, or homemade trailmix, which you must have prepared before going on your trip. You can also visit a local grocery store to replenish your stash in the middle or toward the end of your trip. It would also be a good way to try out local snack items.
  3. Bring prescription medications and supplements. If you have a medical condition, it is but prudent to have medications more than what you need. It pays to have extra meds in case of flight delays and travel extensions. You should also have over-the-counter meds for diarrhea, allergy, cough, colds, fever, headache, indigestion, and hyperacidity just in case. The same principle applies to supplements. We are not 100 percent in control of what foods will be served to us on a trip. It is a challenge to consume well balanced meals to meet nutritional requirements, thus the need for supplementation. Consult your physician and dietitian regarding nutritional supplementation.
  4. Sanitize regularly. Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer and wet tissues to prevent cross contamination of microorganisms. It’s better to be a germ freak than contract infections due to dirty hands and surfaces. This tip will also prevent you from getting zits, which is often caused by touching one’s face with dirty hands. You wouldn’t want to have zits all over your face while posing for that Instagram-worthy shot now, would you?
  5. Get travel insurance. This is one thing you should pray you never have to use but this is also one thing you will be thankful for once the need arises. Allot some budget for travel insurance because having a medical emergency abroad as well as the cost it entails are downright scary.

    source: Manila Bulletin