Be summer healthy!

As the temperature rises in salutation to the incoming summer season, everyone is at a frenzy planning for their summer escapades and Instagram-worthy travel OOTDs. Better make sure that all your efforts will not be put to waste when you have to cancel last-minute bookings due to some minor illness you’ve contracted because you failed to take care of the most important part of your travel plans—your health.

If you are healthy inside out, then you will also be radiant on and off camera. You can proudly put #nofilter on your photos. After all, healthy is the new sexy.

Here are some tips on how to be summer healthy and look summer ready.

  1. Hydrate yourself I can never overemphasize the importance of water intake spread out evenly throughout the day. Do not allow yourself to be thirsty. Drink even before your throat feels dry or you’ll regret it when your skin looks dull and wrinkled like an old prune. Just like anyone else, you might be consuming other beverages apart from water so be careful about drinking your calories. Sugar, cream, and flavorings contain calories that will eventually make you pack on those unwanted pounds. Stick to plain water, unflavored carbonated water, clear broth soups, brewed coffee, unsweetened tea, low-fat milk or yogurt drink, 100 percent fruit and vegetables juices or smoothies, and zero-calorie flavored drinks or soda.
  2. Go easy on sweets and chips We can have occasional treats of course but if you really want to be summer ready, now is not the time to indulge. It’s already been three months since the holidays ended and perhaps by now all the decadent chocolates and sweets you received last Christmas are long gone. If you have a sweet tooth, moderately eat fruits instead. The same goes with chips that are commonly high in sodium, which causes one to bloat due to water retention. Opt for plain popcorn if you are looking for that crunch or choose chips that have less than 140mg sodium per serving. Better yet, make your own baked potato or sweet potato chips at home flavored with natural ingredients like garlic powder, pepper, and chili powder.
  3. Go fresh Making a conscious effort in incorporating fresh vegetables and fruits into your meals will not only give you the nutrients to make you glow from within but it will also boost your immune system to effectively fight off infections. If you don’t like munching on fresh produce then make vegetable and fruit smoothies. For example, combine an apple, a carrot, and a teaspoon of ginger with some ice cubes. You get the benefits of belly-busting fiber, anitoxidants, immune boosting, and skin friendly vitamins A and C as well as anti-bloating potassium in one glass!
  4. Be more active All forms of exercise will help you burn calories and give you a toned body that will look awesome in your summer OOTDs. Schedule your exercise and be realistic about it while taking into consideration your lifestyle, preferences, and health condition. If you have not been physically active for a long time, start with low-intensity exercises and gradually progress as your stamina increases. You can start taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walk as much as you can and do some short video exercises at home. Whatever it takes, just keep on moving.
  5. Get quality sleep As your vacation time approaches, your schedule naturally gets busier inadvertently compromising sleep. If you lack sleep, you are rendering your body vulnerable to illnesses not to mention the undesirable consequence of making you look haggard with dark under eye circles and bad skin. Schedule your snooze for at least seven hours a day or night. Getting enough sleep will make you more energetic, efficient, and productive. You will be able to accomplish more in a short time.

Seriously consider these summer health tips and you’ll be on your way to becoming summer healthy!

source: Manila Bulletin