The anti-cancer benefits of cranberry

MANILA, Philippines - Efforts to battle cancer and arrest the growing incidence of the disease, which ranks as the third leading cause of mortality in the Philippines, have grown more intense in recent years.

Medical science is in constant search for new ways that can help in the prevention and management of life-threatening malignancies. One food product that’s getting much attention for its potential health benefits is the North American cranberry.

While cranberry has long been used for the prevention of urinary tract infections, there is now a growing evidence of its anti-cancer benefits traced to its components.

Cranberry is rich in phytochemicals, with a particularly high content of flavonoids and a wealth of phenolic acids. This accounts for cranberry’s higher quality and quantity of antioxidants as compared to other fruits.

Cranberry extracts have also been observed to exhibit anti-tumor activities. Tumor inhibition by cranberry is likely to involved synergistic activities between the cranberry phytochemicals, including the flavonoids, proanthocyanidins, and ursolic acid.

Cranberry’s unique flavonoid compounds, which are also potent antioxidants, have been further linked to potential anti-cancer properties. There are numerous reports that quercetin, a prominent flavonoid in cranberry, inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells in vitro, including breast, colon, pancreas, and leukemia. Proanthocyanidins, another flavonoid in cranberry, have been found to inhibit the growth of tumor cells such as in leukemia, colon, and lung tissue without affecting the healthy cells.

The peel of the cranberry fruit contains a substantial amount of ursolic acid, also noted for its anticancer function.

The evidence is compelling, especially for those who want to reduce their chances of a cancer diagnosis or those simply planning on a healthier diet. Although fresh or dried cranberries are not readily available in the Philippines, one can still get the complete benefits of cranberry in a capsule.

CranUTI Nature’s Relief, available at Mercury Drug stores and other reputable drug stores nationwide, is a nutriceutical cranberry supplement that contains all the synergistic, full-spectrum activity of the entire cranberry, including the fruits, seeds, skin, and fully vitalized juice.

The high-potency cranberry extract used in CranUTI has three times greater antioxidant activity than cranberry juice and 25 percent more fiber. Each capsule of CranUTI is equivalent to approximately 300 ml. of cranberry juice (roughly the size of one can of drink), without the preservatives, sugar or other impurities.

source: Philippine Star