Call for Proposals: Learning & Development Interventions (AHEAD-HPSR)

The Department of Health (DOH) and the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) is pleased to announce the call for capacity building proposals for the Advancing Health through Evidence-Assisted Decisions with Health Policy and Systems Research (AHEAD-HPSR) Program.

Interested institutions, organizations, and researchers are invited to submit a full proposal on the topic below:

Development of Online Learning and Development Interventions in

Support of Universal Health Care – Integration Sites (UHC-IS)


The integration of local health systems, as stipulated in the UHC Act, necessitates more evidence to guide its implementation and facilitate their successful execution. Local policymakers, decision-makers, and implementers need to be adequately capacitated with appropriate research competencies related to Operations Research (OR), Implementation Research (IR), Evaluative Research (ER), and other relevant health research methods and skills to effectively transform/facilitate the transformation of local health systems, specifically relates to the technical, financial, and managerial aspects of integration.

  • To develop the knowledge and competencies of local policymakers, decision-makers, and implementers on OR, IR, ER, and other relevant health research methods and skills; and
  • To develop and implement an online-based, student-focused learning and development intervention for local policymakers, decision-makers, and implementers
Scope of Work
  • Conduct a rapid learning and needs assessment of local policymakers, decision-makers, and implementers;
  • Develop training design that is student-focused;
  • Develop a training manual and at least six (6) modules each using online platform for the following (at the minimum):
  • Operations Research;
  • Implementation Research;
  • Evaluative Research; and
  • Evidence Synthesis of health policy and systems research
  • Use existing DOH online platforms in developing, implementing, and evaluating the learning and development intervention;
  • Manage and implement of the online learning and development intervention; and
  • Coordinate overall design and implementation with HPDPB, HHRDB and PCHRD
  1. Inception report;
  2. Analysis and report on the learning needs assessment;
  3. Learning designs (this includes instructional design, workshops, discussion fora, and short course tutorial thru online platform);
  4. Training modules (at least 6 modules on OR, IR, ER and ES of HPSR);
  5. Documentation of online training sessions including the evaluation of the activities, recommendations, issues and concerns encountered;
  6. Progress, and financial reports;
  7. Final technical report; and
  8. Terminal audited financial report
  1. Local Government and Health Officials and Staff in UHC-Integration Sites;
  2. DOH-Centers for Health Development Staff (particularly Health Research and Development Unit Staff and other staff that are involved/interested in conducting/commissioning research for UHC-IS); and
  3. DOH-Central Office Staff
Duration of Engagement

All activities and deliverables to be completed and/or submitted within the period of implementation of the 2018 AHEAD-HPSR.

Budget Ceiling

Five Million Pesos only (Php 5,000,000), inclusive of 7.5% administrative costs and taxes

Kindly submit your proposal, and the following requirements on or before May 4, 2020 to Ms. Ian Hannah C. Gozun at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Ms. Sheena Mae A. Bagayao at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

  1. Letter of Intent;
  2. Endorsement of agency head;
  3. Project Proposal following the DOST form 3 (Non R&D Proposals); 
  4. Work plan Schedule following the DOST form B (Gantt Chart of Activities);
  5. Proposed Line-Item Budget (LIB) following DOST form A;
  6. Ethics Clearance from PHREB-accredited REC, if applicable;
  7. Curriculum Vitae of lead proponent (Principal Investigator/Project Leader);
  8. Duties and Responsibilities of each project personnel; and
  9. Profile of the institution
Download the DOST forms here.

For queries, you may contact Ms. Juanita R. Valeza at jrvaleza.hpdpb@gmail,com or Ms. Clarissa B. Reyes at cbreyes@