UP outranks Harvard, Oxford in most recent World University Rankings for health citations

The University of the Philippines (UP) obtains high citation scores in the 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. With a score of 98.8, the university beats prominent world universities such as Harvard University, the University of Oxford and Stanford University for citations in clinical and pre-clinical health researches.

Citation scores indicate the number of times a research has been cited in other research outputs.  The score serves as an indicator of the impact or influence of a research project which other researchers use as reference from which they can build on succeeding breakthroughs or innovations.

The Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) has supported projects from UP in the fields of genomics, diagnostics, and drug discovery, among others.  One of the funded projects which has been spun off as start-up company is Biotek™ led by Dr. Raul Destura of the UP-National Institutes of Health (UP-NIH) for dengue diagnostics.

The Council works closely with UP Manila as one of the implementing institutions of the Philippine National Health Research System (PNHRS).