PHREB launches 2017 National Ethical Guidelines for Health and Health-Related Research


The Philippine Health Research Ethics Board (PHREB) launched the 2017 National Ethical Guidelines for Health and Health-Related Research (NEGHHR) during the 11th Philippine National Health Research Week held on 24 August 2017 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

With the continuing rapid developments in health and health-related science and technology and the rights and welfare of all individuals and communities involved as participants in mind, the existing ethical guidelines was updated to ensure adherence to local, national, and international principles, and values and respect for Filipino morals and culture.

The new edition seeks to address the question as to what constitutes health research while filling the gaps in areas not sufficiently covered in earlier editions. Likewise, it gives due course to the nuances in principles and regulations as they apply to different fields, types, and methodologies of research. Recognizing the broad understanding of health and the dimensions of disease and illness, the Guidelines also features a detailed section on health-related social science research.

The notable changes in the 2017 guidelines are the title, section revisions (e.g., responsibilities of various stakeholders, elements of research ethics), new added guidelines (e.g., research using online and digital tools, mental health research), and amended guidelines (e.g., clinical research, research involving IPs).

Speaking at the launch were Dr. Marita V.T. Reyes Chair, Ad Hoc Committee for Updating National Ethical Guidelines and Dr. Leonardo de Castro, Co-Chair, and PHREB Chair. “It (NEGHHR) reflects the faithfulness of PHREB to its responsibility to ethics in health research,” said Dr. Reyes.

Other members of the ad hoc committee are Dr. Ricardo M. Manalastas, Jr., Chair, PHREB Committee on Information Dissemination, Training, and Advocacy (CIDTA), Prof. Edlyn B. Jimenez, Coordinator, UP Manila Research Ethics Board (UPM REB), Dr. Rosario Angeles T. Alora, Head, Bioethics Committee, University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Dr. Cecilia V. Tomas, Member, PHREB Committee on Standards and Accreditation (CSA), and Dr. Evangeline O. Santos, Clinical Associate Professor, College of Medicine, UPM Member, PHREB CSA.

According to Dr. Jaime C. Montoya, Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) Director, NEGHHR is definitely an affirmation of PHREB’s efforts to address emerging ethical issues in the conduct of health research and he commended the dedicated efforts of PHREB and its Ad Hoc Committee members in leading the revision of the guidelines.

The revised Guidelines shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in the Official Gazette. Download the 2017 National Ethical Guidelines for Health and Health-Related Research (NEGHHR) at