Go bananas to boost your energy

MANILA, Philippines—When you use any and all skin care regimen, make sure you don’t overuse the products by combining all of them. Your complexion could get just as confused as you are. Choose a line of products suited to your skin type. And instead of buying the whole line of products, try a few items first.

As for health food supplements, make sure you are not allergic to the herbal preparations. Do research before including them in your daily regimen.

Stress can affect your body inside and out. When you are in a state of anger or depression, your body releases control, a stress hormone. Side effects include skin breakouts and blemishes. The only cure for stressed-out skin is calm and peace. Natural medicine includes fresh, raw vegetables and fruits, plus lean meats, preferably fish and chicken. Good benefits come from adequate sleep, regular hydration with water and regular exercise.

Practice eating wisely today so you will be better tomorrow. And postponing your trip to the gym will only add extra inches to your waistline within days. Also, when you’re out with friends, share your food and apportion them moderately.

Too much of good things

Sometimes, too much of a good thing is bad. Take red wine, for example. A glass or two is good for circulation and digestion. More than that, you could get intoxicated and more brain cells destroyed because of too much alcohol in the system.

Long-term effects of overeating can be serious—from diabetes to obesity. So choose your own poison. And be ready to pay the price.

The best way to prevent wrinkles is to stop smoking and drinking. Your skin is robbed of Vitamins C and B, each time you smoke and drink.

Staying beautiful and attractive can be an all-consuming passion. Some opt for the natural means, others surgically. Whatever your choice, try to maintain as natural a look as possible. You can maintain a youthful appearance through basic skin and health care. Moreover, a positive, cheerful attitude gives you that confident radiance.

Fruit of the week

When you’re feeling exhausted, get an energy boosting potassium-filled treat—one ripe banana.

source: Philippine Daily Inquirer