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Momsie - DOST’s response to malnutrition during disasters

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and United Nations (UN) - World Food Programme (WFP) pushed for the distribution of Momsie, a ready-to eat supplementary food developed by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI),  during emergencies and disasters.

Made from monggo, soybeans, peanut, sesame seeds, oil, skimmed milk, margarine, cocoa, sugar, salt, and emulsifier, Momsie is packed with nutrients and protein to help prevent malnutrition in victims of disasters.
“It will be part of the food packs to be distributed during emergencies,” said Dr. Martin Parreño, National Program Officer of the WFP - Philippines, during the 2014 Dr. Juan Salcedo Memorial Lecture, a nutrition forum annually hosted by the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippine, Inc. (NFP) and supported by the Philippine Council for Health Research (PCHRD-DOST) last October 9, 2014.
Currently, the WFP imports supplementary food from France in its programs against acute malnutrition in the Philippines. Estimated to cost P10 per sachet of 25g and P100 per bottle of 300g, Momsie will be a more affordable alternative than the imported brands.
DOST and WFP are looking for private partners to adopt the technology.  According to Dr. Parreño, pharmaceutical and food companies have shown interest in investing in the ready-to-eat food technology