Balik Scientist Program

Balik Scientist Program by DOST

During the past two (2) decades, the brain drain has worsened in the Philippines. In an effort to counter this phenomenon and to capitalize on the Filipino emigrants’ expertise, the Balik Scientist Program (BSP), through the Presidential Decree 819, was established in October 1975.   It was revitalized in 2007, with the necessary policies and funding support.

The Balik Scientist Program (BSP) aims to promote information exchange and accelerate the flow of new technology into the country through strengthening the scientific and technological manpower of the academe and public and private institutions. The program’s objective is to encourage Filipino scientists and technologists to return and reside in the Philippines and share their expertise for the development of the country.

The transfer of the Balik-Scientist Program (BSP)  from the DOST Central Office to the three sectoral councils of DOST in May 2013 aims to strengthen, institutionalize and give more focus on each of the Council’s priority programs. The Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) focuses on evaluating BSP Applicants for the health R&D sector.  This move aims to strengthen  the implementation of the priority programs identified in the DOST-PCHRD’s National Unified Health Research Agenda (NUHRA) for the health R&D sector through the provision of expertise by the Balik Scientists.

For the past six (6) years (2007 to present), there were a total of approximately thirty-eight (38) BSP awardees in the health sector.{jcomments off}