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28 January 2010

January 25-29, 2010

The Philippine Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 31(1), January-December 2009
Official Journal of the Philippine Psychiatric Association

  • Suicidality among Filipino children and adolescents: A cross-sectional study on substance use among Filipino suicidal and parasuicidal child and adolescent patients
  • Coping strategies of adolescents with leukemia at the outpatient department of the UP-PGH Cancer Institute
  • Mental health situation of adolescents in selected public schools in the Phils.
  • Metabolic syndrome among Filipino schizoprenic patients maintained on typical and atypical antipsychotics at the UP-PGH psychiatry outpatient department
  • Olanzipine IM versus haloperidol IM for acute agitation in schizophrenia
  • A meta-analysis on the utility of the structured clinical interview for the diagnostic statistical manual (SCID) for a mental health case registry

APUA Newsletter, Vol. 27(3), 2009

Published continuously since 1983 by the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics

"Squalene and 1-Tetracosene Isolated from the Leaves of Laportea meyeniana Warb. ("Alingatong")"
Thesis, Master of Science in Chemistry, November 2009
MSU-IIT, Rodolfo S. Del Rosario

"Development and Evaluation of Polyclonal Antibody-Based Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for the Detection of Trichomonas vaginalis in Vaginal Swabs"
Thesis, Master of Science in Microbiolog, April 2009
UPD, Vanissa A. Ong

"Comparison of Virgin Coconut Oil and Ultrasound Gel as Coupling Medium for Therapeutic Ultrasound in Pain Management for Degenerative Osteoarthritis"
Thesis, Master of Science in Public Health, 2009
UERMMMC, Raquel S. Cabazor, M.D.

"Developing a Scoring System Measuring Risk for Work Related Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorder"
Thesis, Master of Science in Public Health, 2009
UERMMMC, Fria Rose R. Santos

"Evaluation of the Sagip Putla Program: Anemia Detection and Treatment in Bulakan, Bulacan, Philippines"

Thesis, Master of Science (Applied Nutrition), July 2009
UPLB, Aileen Rodil De Juras

"Kinetic Analysis of Antibody Responses to Blastocystis hominis in Sera and Intestinal Secretions from Orally Infected Mice and Partial Characterization of Target Antigens"
Thesis, Master of Science in Microbiology, April 2009
UPD, Herbert J Santos

"Improving Motor Performance of Hemiparetic Upper Extremity among Patients with Chronic Stroke Using Constraint Induced Movement Therapy"
Thesis, Master of Science in Public Health, 2009
UERMMMC, Archelle Jane C. Callejo, PTRP

"Topical Hemostatic Activity of Isa-Isa, Scoparia dulcis (Fam. Scrophulariaceae) Juice and Its Formulated Gel"

Thesis, Master of Science in Pharmacy, March 2009
SLU, Mayrose Lilagan Quezon


Blood conservation system reduces transfusions


Identification of tomato plant as a novel host model for Burkholderia pseudomallei

Antibacterial activity of Artemisia nilagirica leaf extracts against clinical and phytopathogenic bacteria

Autologous tumor-derived heat-shock protein peptide complex-96 (HSPPC-96)in patients with metastatic melanoma

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Herbs and spices help prevent cancer

THIS IS SUPPOSEDLY THE LAST INSTALLMENT of Dr. Christine Gonzales’ guide to wellness.

Dr. Gonzales’ (NMD, Ph.D) is co-founder of Wellness Institute and director of Natural Medicine.

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Waging war vs diabetes

MANILA, Philippines - LRI, the endometabolic division of United Laboratories Inc. (Unilab), recently supported the observance of World Diabetes Day led by Diabetes Philippines.

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Romualdez: More than half of spending on health products unnecessary

MANILA, Philippines - More than half of the country’s annual expenditures for health products ranging from P100 billion to P150 billion are unnecessary because they hardly provide any therapeutic effect, former health secretary Alberto Romualdez said yesterday.

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