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Acai: Berry good for the liver

MANILA, Philippines - Did you know that the liver is a vital organ within your body because it breaks down and removes harmful toxins from the blood? Having a healthy liver means you shouldn’t have difficulty maintaining your weight. A fatty liver, however, does the exact opposite — it stores fat when it should be burning it. So, instead of removing excess fat from the body, the liver essentially becomes a warehouse of fat.  Many people don’t  even think about  cleansing their liver, that is, until something in their body malfunctions as a result of developing fatty liver disease (FLD) .

Can fatty liver be reversed?  While traditional medicine provides no specific therapy or drug treatment that actually reverses the fatty liver, there is a natural approach that has been proven to work effectively in reversing the damaging effects of a fatty liver. Studies have shown how the Organique Acai diet  is designed to actually help “sweep” and cleanse the body’s entire system to replenish the body with what it needs. Acai provides our body with the necessary nutrients and tools to begin fixing itself and allow it to do what it was originally intended to do: cleanse the system of harmful toxins and allow our immune system to function as it was designed to do. 

Grown in the Amazon rainforest, the Acai berry is rich in berry-cocoa flavor and taste. It is packed with antioxidants, loads of omega fat, protein, dietary fiber, and a lot more.

source: Philippine Star

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