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DOH issues guidelines on new classification of hospitals, other healthcare facilities

The Department of Health (DOH) has issued new guidelines on the new classifications of hospitals and other facilities, both private and government.

In Administrative Order No. 2012-0012, the DOH said the rules and regulations were intended to ensure the quality of service rendered by these facilities anf to “assure the safety of patients and personnel.”

The guidelines were results of a research project conducted by the DOH Bureau of Health Facilities and Services which mapped out the services and equipment available in all hospitals and “to get an overview of the typology of the existing hospital classifications and other hospital-based facilities.”

“The new classification of health facilities will simplify licensing systems and processes and make the regulatory scheme more effective and efficient,” the order stated.

The order showed that the classification of facilities will be determined by various factors like ownership, if government or private, scope of service functional capacity.

The hospitals shall then be classified into general which will have three levels and speciaity hospital.

The other health facilities, on the other hand, will be categorized into primary care, custodial care, diagnostic/therapeutic and specialized outpatient.

The other stated that facilities found violating any provision in the guidelines shall be penalized an / or its license-to-operate suspended or revoked.

source: Philippine Star
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