Research Agenda

National Unified Health Research Agenda (NUHRA)

The National Unified Health Research Agenda (NUHRA) specifies the areas and topics that need to be addressed in line with global and national initiatives influencing the health sector. It serves as a guide for the health research community on the research studies that should be undertaken to address the health needs of the Filipinos.

With the conclusion of the NUHRA 2006-2010, the PNHRS Research Agenda Committee directed the preparation of the new NUHRA 2011-2016. Given the limited resources for research, the Committee resolved to focus the NUHRA 2011-2016 on research priorities where there is greater assurance of funding and commitment from the PNHRS four core agencies - Department of Health (DOH), Philippine Council for Health Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology (PCHRD-DOST), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and University of the Philippines Manila - National Institutes of Health (UPM-NIH).

The NUHRA 2011-2016 is a consolidation of the research priorities of the PNHRS core agencies. Each of the core agencies conducted their own resaerch priority setting activities that was grounded on consultation with stakeholders, for the formulation of their respective research agenda.

The NUHRA 2011-2016 intends to:

  • Provide focus and direction on health research and development efforts that will address the country's health concerns for 2011-2016
  • Serve as a guide where policy makers, funding and donor agencies and researchers from public and private sectors should invest to ensure the health and productivity of the country's citizenry
  • Assist in providing evidence based solutions to pressing national and local health problems, and
  • Serve as basis to maximize resource utilization and minimize duplication of research efforts.

The research priorities are classified into four major areas:

  • Health technology development
  • Health financing
  • Health service delivery
  • Socio-environmental health concerns

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Regional Unified Health Research Agenda (RUHRA)

The NUHRA reflects the common research threads from the 16 Regional Unified Health Research Agenda (RUHRA). The latter, on the other hand, defines the research priorities of a region, taking into consideration its peculiarities and local context.

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