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4 PCHRD grant/scholarship services that health res...
23 Jan 2017 03:23 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

Engaging in health research activities and promoting research results are definitely a must for health researchers in the country. This is why, the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD), as the national coordinating body for health research, offers grant and scholarship ser [ ... ]

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4 PCHRD information services that researchers shou...
20 Jan 2017 08:12 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

Want to learn updates on dengue? Want to read some indigenous practices on health? Whether you’re a professor, student, health researcher looking for grant and/or information, or simply a person who wants to learn something new, take note of these four information services or websites maintained  [ ... ]

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5 health technologies that will make you proud as ...
16 Jan 2017 08:47 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

Filipinos are not just good in singing, dancing, acting, boxing, and representing the country in several international sports and contests. Aside from being talented, creative, and strong, Filipinos are also known for being smart and innovative people. As the national coordinating body for health r [ ... ]

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10 ways to be healthy this 2017 according to exper...
13 Jan 2017 05:55 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

New year, new life! Whether you’re done plotting your New Year’s Resolution or not, we’re very sure that being healthy is one of your priorities for 2017. Some of you might be thinking of losing weight while some maybe the opposite. Some of you might have promised yourself to be stress-free th [ ... ]

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TB research consortium eyed in PH
28 Dec 2016 06:34 - Carla P. San Diego

The Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has partnered with the US National Institutes of Health on the possible establishment of the Regional Prospective Observational Research in Tuberculosis (RePORT) Consortium in the Ph [ ... ]

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PCHRD, to hold Medical Writing Workshop for young ...
13 Dec 2016 06:49 - Carla P. San Diego

The Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), in partnership with DOST Cagayan Valley Region, will conduct the 11th National Medical Writing Workshop and 4th Writeshop for Young Researchers in Cauayan City, Isabela on 30-31Janu [ ... ]

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Coffee consumption may counter age-related inflamm...
23 Jan 2017 00:32 - Xinhua

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have unearthed a connection between advancing age, systemic inflammation, cardiovascular disease and coffee consumption. An extensive analysis of [ ... ]

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Study shows chewing food has significant health be...
23 Jan 2017 00:29 - Philippine News Agency

Chewing food properly is not just good for digestion, but can improve mouth’s immune system protecting you against illness, according to a study released Thursday by The University of Manchester. S [ ... ]

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Molecule found able to help fight antibiotic-resis...
23 Jan 2017 00:24 - Philippine News Agency

Researchers with Oregon State University (OSU) have identified a molecule that neutralizes germs’ resistance to antibiotic. Known as a PPMO, short for peptide-conjugated phosphorodiamidate morpholi [ ... ]

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Barbecued and smoked meat tied to risk of death fr...
19 Jan 2017 23:49 - Lisa Rapaport

Women who eat a lot of grilled, smoked and barbecued meats and develop breast cancer may be more likely to die from their cancer than those who eat less of these foods, a U.S. study suggests.   A  [ ... ]

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Person-to-person contact may cause most drug-resis...
19 Jan 2017 01:21 - Gene Emery

The worst form of drug-resistant tuberculosis isn't just arising from inadequate treatment, it's mostly being spread from person to person, according to a new study of hundreds of cases in South Afric [ ... ]

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A primer on autoimmune diseases
19 Jan 2017 00:37 - Eduardo Gonzales, MD

I came across a magazine article on autoimmune diseases, but it was short and insufficient to make me understand the nature of these diseases. Can you elaborate on this topic in your column? The auto [ ... ]

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