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The Truth about Male Breast Cancer
06 Oct 2015 06:06 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

Male breast cancer is rare, but it happens. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) states that breast cancer is the most usual cause of cancer deaths among women with more than 500,000 deaths in 2012. In the recent estimates, one in 1000 men ha [ ... ]

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Aniecito and A New Breed of Doctors wins Forum 201...
30 Sep 2015 06:52 - Laarnie T. Luna

Aniecito and A New Breed of Doctors, two documentaries, bested the 24 entries in the Health Film Festival, one of the special activities of the recently concluded Global Forum on Research and Innovation for Health. Aniecito by King Marc Baco features a severely malnourished boy who was included in  [ ... ]

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We can end rabies together!- GARC
29 Sep 2015 02:48 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

  “During the next 10 minutes, at least one person will die from rabies,” warned the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC), in celebration of the World Rabies Day on 28 September 2015. Rabies is a viral disease transmitted through bite, scratches or saliva of an infected mammal. Th [ ... ]

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Call for Applications: Novartis Biotechnology Lead...
10 Jul 2015 01:01 - Super User

The Novartis Biotechnology Leadership Camp (BioCamp) is a pioneering annual biotechnology seminar for entrepreneurial, postgraduate students in science or business who are interested in pursuing a career in biotechnology. Themed "Building the Country's Human Resources for Better Health", the Loca [ ... ]

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Breast cancer buster
13 Oct 2015 01:01 - Cheshire Que

What to eat to reduce the risk of breast cancer

Men can get breast cancer, too. In fact, men and women share the same risk factors, although incidence is low in men. In women, it is the most common [ ... ]

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Mercury rising
13 Oct 2015 00:55 - Eduardo Gonzales

What you ought to know about blood pressure

Blood pressure refers to the force that blood exerts against the walls of arteries. It has two components, systolic and diastolic. Systolic blood pressure is [ ... ]

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Warts and all
13 Oct 2015 00:48 - Dr. Kaycee Reyes

How we get them, why we get them, and what to do to get rid of them

Warts are common and can occur at any age. But as common as they are, some still believe that warts come from toads, it [ ... ]

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How to know if you’re nutritionally deficient
13 Oct 2015 00:40 - Cory Quirino

The human body speaks in a language of its own. Its words are aches and pains, and its message is, “Pay attention to me—now!” The science that interprets the interaction of nutrients and subst [ ... ]

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The right way to take your medicines
13 Oct 2015 00:36 - Willie T. Ong, MD

The first rule in taking medicines is to know your medicines. If you don’t know what your medicine is for, and its possible side effects, then you may be in danger. Make sure you understand each pre [ ... ]

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Wine at dinner safe, possibly beneficial in diabet...
13 Oct 2015 00:30 - Andrew M. Seaman

A glass of red wine at dinner is safe and possibly beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes, a new trial suggests. People who followed a healthy diet and drank a glass of red wine at dinner for two [ ... ]

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