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Call for Participation: 9th Medical Writing Worksh...
26 Nov 2015 05:02 - Laarnie T. Luna

      We are inviting researchers to attend the 9th Medical Writing Workshop and 2nd Writeshop organized by the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) and Philippine Association of Medical Journal Editors (PAMJE) on January 14-15, 2016 at the Widus Hotel,  [ ... ]

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Mani, pedi? The costs of beauty paid by manicurist...
25 Nov 2015 07:41 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

While most women and some men may be fond of getting their nails done, they may not be aware of the non-monetary costs involved in providing their desired nail services. According to a study, manicurists and pedicurists suffer from severe discomfort and pain due to the awkward posture and repetitive [ ... ]

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Should you rinse your mouth after you brush? Stud...
23 Nov 2015 09:17 - Jessica Marie R. Suerte

Rinsing with water after brushing is part of the oral health habit of most people. However, previous studies suggested that post-brushing rinsing with excessive water may compromise the caries-reducing effect of fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride toothpaste is the most widely used topical fluoride prepa [ ... ]

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Upping the health game with mobile apps
23 Nov 2015 08:57 - Jessica Marie R. Suerte

  Health care must transform in order to meet the challenges of the information age and  address the  greater demand for efficiency and for quality of health care services. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, people are starting to recognize the potential of these appara [ ... ]

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“Sweet sorghum coffee,” a healthier alternative?...
15 Nov 2015 23:32 - Laarnie T. Luna

For many, drinking coffee is a morning routine to start off a long working day. However, when heavy coffee drinkers start experiencing ailments related to their coffee intake, they resort to having coffee substitutes. Coffee substitutes are coffee-like brews made with the parts of roasted plants s [ ... ]

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Handwriting Matters: study illustrates causes and ...
12 Nov 2015 07:42 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

Doctors are often stereotyped for their bad handwriting. According to a study, this illegibility of doctors’ handwriting in medical prescriptions is often the cause of medication errors. Proper writing of prescriptions involves a strict format which includes superscription, inscription, subscript [ ... ]

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WHO records highest-ever number of new HIV cases i...
27 Nov 2015 04:59 - Anna Ringstrom

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday that in 2014 it had recorded the highest number of new HIV cases in its European Region, which also includes Central Asia, since the start of repor [ ... ]

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Healthy diets may not be one-size-fits-all
27 Nov 2015 03:23 - Lisa Rapaport

When two people follow the same weight-loss diet to the letter, but one fails to lose weight, the problem might be their bodies’ different responses to the same foods, a recent Israeli study suggest [ ... ]

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Health risk of loneliness has physiological basis:...
27 Nov 2015 03:09 - AFP

Loneliness can increase the risk of premature death by 14% in older adults, according to a study published on Monday that posits a physiological basis for the phenomenon. The dangers of social isolat [ ... ]

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VATS now a viable option for lung surgery
27 Nov 2015 03:02 - Business World

  BECAUSE of the high cost of some of the equipment needed, a surgical procedure touted to improve the quality of a patient’s life after surgery was rarely performed in the Philippines until r [ ... ]

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Could ancient textbooks be the source of the next ...
26 Nov 2015 01:21 - The Conversation

The discovery that won the latest Nobel Prize for Medicine wouldn’t have been much of a revelation to doctors in ancient China. Pharmaceutical chemist Tu Youyou established that the compound artem [ ... ]

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Red meat linked to increased stroke risk
26 Nov 2015 01:07 - Lisa Rapaport

Red meat – but not other types of protein - is linked to an increased stroke risk, and the odds go up the more meat people eat, a recent study suggests. Researchers analyzed data on about 11,000 mi [ ... ]

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