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20 May 2015 06:25 - Jessica Marie R. Suerte

Capture the value of research and innovation in people’s health                          Council on Health Research and Development (COHRED), Department of Science and Tec [ ... ]

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Graphic Health Warning Implementing Rules and Regu...
18 May 2015 08:11 - Super User

Public Consultation on Graphic Health Warning Implementing Rules and Regulations (GHW IRR) will be on May 25, 2015,   9:00 AM at the Pearl Hotel Manila.   See Attached Files: a) Draft Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of RA 10643 b) Annex B of Draft IRR  [ ... ]

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eHealth, RxBox, featured during the Juan, Konek! p...
15 May 2015 07:20 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

  RxBox live demonstration during Juan, Konek! program. “Through the eHealth and RxBox, diagnosis can be possible even without personal visit to the doctors,” said Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Secretary Mario Montejo during the digital empowerment program Juan, Ko [ ... ]

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DOST calls all Filipinos to connect for inclusive ...
15 May 2015 07:16 - Ladylove May B. Baurile

  DOST Secretary Mario Montejo during his discussion about the benefits of online government services.   The Department of Science and Technology Information and Communications Technology (DOST-ICT) Office encouraged every Filipino to connect to the internet and access online govern [ ... ]

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Library Health News

How to detect a thyroid problem
26 May 2015 03:10 - Willie T. Ong, MD

The thyroid gland is like the accelerator of the car, making the body work slower or faster depending on the hormones it produces or the body’s so-called metabolism. Why is the thyroid gland import [ ... ]

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Fiber up to lose weight
26 May 2015 02:27 - Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit

‘Studies that look at what people eat show those who eat more carbs, more fiber, and cereal in general weigh less than those who eat less fiber, carbs, and cereal.’ It is a shame that people have [ ... ]

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What’s wrong with me?
26 May 2015 02:14 - Cory Quirino

Sometimes a deficiency in vitamin K can be the cause of minor nosebleeds There comes a time in your life when everything seems to be falling apart. Each time you see your reflection in the mirror, yo [ ... ]

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Pescetarian diet could help prevent colon cancer...
26 May 2015 02:06 - Eduardo Gonzales

You certainly have a higher chance of developing colon (colorectal) cancer than the average person because a family history of colon cancer is one of the risk factors for the malignancy. The other r [ ... ]

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Regenerative medicine at its finest
26 May 2015 01:47 - Rowena Bautista-Alcaraz

An international medical practice company focused on providing comprehensive solutions for adult stem cell treatments and research opens in Manila. There is so much controversy surrounding stem cel [ ... ]

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All you need to know about stem cell therapy
26 May 2015 01:10 - Manila Bulletin

WHAT IS ADULT STEM CELL THERAPY? Adult Stem Cell Therapy uses the body’s own stem cells—which are the basic building blocks of life—to regenerate from within. By tapping into our body’s ste [ ... ]

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